Finding Myself on the Run: A Journey to Love and Self Discovery

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Chasing Shadows, Finding Love: A 'Run for Your Life' Story of Transformation

In a world where we often run from our truths, I found mine while running a marathon. This is not just a story of physical endurance but a profound journey of heart, soul, and the unexpected paths to self discovery and love.


The Catalyst for Change

My journey began amidst personal turmoil, with running as my escape. I had a not-so-healthy reason for getting started, and little did I know, it would become my path to eventual healing. “Running wasn’t simply a physical activity. It was actually a metaphor for how I was dealing with everything around me.” Running away from myself actually led me, full circle, back to… you guessed it… MYSELF.


Discovering Self Through Stride

Along the way, each step was a movement towards understanding and accepting myself. What began as an attempt to run away from my life and my marriage, eventually led to something quite unexpected. The road was long, and the path was personal, but it led to an awakening. I realized, “I was already whole, loved, and enough.”


Unexpected Turns

Love found me at the finish line of a marathon, an unexpected yet beautiful twist to my story. This wasn’t just about finding another; it was about discovering my capacity for love, and it all started with self love. The lessons I had learned through my marriage and divorce led me to a deeper understanding of myself and what I truly desired. And when I least expected it, I found love.


Reflections and Realizations

This journey taught me the power of facing oneself, the importance of self love and acceptance, and the courage to embrace vulnerability. While much of my life transformed around me as a result, my transformation was internal. It was a metamorphosis that allowed me to see myself, life and love, in a new light.


Love At The Finish Line

My story is a testament to the idea that sometimes, to find what we’re searching for, we must embark on a journey not outward, but inward. It’s a tale of how embracing our true selves can lead us to love and fulfillment beyond our wildest dreams.

Isn’t it about time that YOU discover how running towards your fears can lead you to love? Join me on this personal journey by tuning into Season 3, Episode 13 of the Create Your Happy Podcast where I unravel my journey through the highs and lows, the heartaches, and the unexpected love story that changed everything. It’s about finding the courage to face ourselves, embracing the messy, and discovering love in places we least expect.

And yes, discovering I was whole, loved, and enough was my ultimate victory lap.

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