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Explore the Create Methodology to shift from feeling stuck to being confidently unstoppable… so that nothing can stop you from creating all of the happiness, love, peace, abundance and impact you desire, simply by being YOU. You are a powerful creator, it’s time for you to reclaim your power!

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Get Sweary AF and find your zen in under 5 minutes! Check out these unique, no-BS meditations that are as fun as they are effective. Tap into your inner calm today!

Find your zen in under 5 minutes with a dose of energy, laughter, and no-BS wisdom. Perfect for those who like their mindfulness with a twist (and a few F-bombs). Get ready to shake up your routine and feel f*cking amazing!

Get Sweary AF and find your zen in under 5 minutes! Check out these unique, no-BS meditations that are as fun as they are effective. Tap into your inner calm today!

Discover the power of love in just 5 minutes with the “Creating Love” meditation. Infused with heartfelt insights, joy, and a dash of sweary magic, this meditation is designed to help you to feel truly f*cking loved!

People Pleaser's Path to Freedom Ebook

Escape the people pleasing loop. Embrace a life crafted on your terms. This FREE masterclass + ebook, “The People Pleaser’s Path to Freedom,” is designed to help you live authentically and joyfully.

unstuck for women: Break free from self-doubt and stop overthinking using the spiral stopper method to take control of your emotions, build confidence & self love

End the cycle of overthinking and find your path to clarity. My best-selling book, “Unstuck for Women”, is your guide to breaking free (available on Amazon and Audible). Grab a FREE chapter to see if this book is for YOU.

relationship cheat codes ebook

Break free from repetitive relationship cycles. Transform misunderstandings into an extraordinary love life. Unlock the secrets to nurturing love and connection in relationship. Get your free eBook now.


Master Your Mindset Course

Reenergize your life, uncover new passions, and lose weight joyfully. Embrace a fulfilling health journey without giving up life’s pleasures. ($197)

Transform your thinking and unlock new possibilities in just 5 days. Experience impactful change that sets the stage for your journey ahead. ($7)

love reimagined course

Transform your approach to relationships and discover the path to extraordinary love. Redefine connection, deepen bonds, and experience love like never before. ($555)

authenticity unleashed course

Liberate yourself from people pleasing, create healthy boundaries and embrace a guilt-free life, lived on your terms. Discover the joy of true self-expression. ($777)

get unstuck adventure course

Start a transformative 21-day journey of life-altering perspectives, fostering profound personal growth and lasting change. (from $111)



Engaging, diverse online fitness classes for all fitness enthusiasts


Work out from anywhere with the intention of feeling really good in your body


Unlimited on-demand access to the fitness replay library with over 130 classes to choose from so you never get bored.

 $7/ mo!


pocket mentorship

Pocket Support

Your personal mentor, always within reach for guidance and support or actionable advice with unlimited, on-demand assistance via Voxer, WhatsApp, or Messenger.

It’s like having a best friend who’s also an expert at relationships, always there to offer tailored support and practical steps to help you navigate life’s challenges.

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity. Unleash your potential, achieve your goals, and foster self awareness, self love, and self discovery so that you can create relationships that make you truly f*cking happy. Don’t miss this chance for tailored support designed to meet you where you’re at, and guide you on this messyfuckingbeautiful journey called life.

Please note that this offer is by application only.


Unlimited on -demand month – to – month mentorship, when and where you most need it, priced at just $555/mo


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The Love Your Vibe Transformation

I’d love to be your Miracle Mindset Mentor!

Go from Crap Magnet to Miracle Magnet with this incredible 6-month online small group mentorship program, facilitated by yours truly. Under my mentorship, you will learn the proven Love Your Vibe teachings and tools (discovered by founder Elvira V. Hopper) to:

  • Discover self-love to build and maintain self-worth
  • Take back your personal power with healthy boundaries to create more fulfilling relationships
  • Develop a deeper sense of peace and belonging in genuine community
  • Unlearn old beliefs that keep you stuck so you can BREAK FREE and live the life of your dreams
  • Grow a deeper sense of security and become more confident
  • Love and accept yourself where you are
  • Reconnect to your inner child’s desires (Hint: this is where you discover your purpose)

It’s time to start living in your Miracle Magnet Zone! Let’s go!


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Create Your Happy

Your life filled with confidence, balance, and joy awaits. Envision a future where each day fulfills your deepest desires; not merely surviving, but truly thriving.

This transformative program is designed to guide you on an adventure of self love and acceptance. Dismantle the patterns and negative beliefs that have held you back and step into your power as the Conscious Creator of your life.

More than a program; it’s a pathway to a life where you feel deeply connected to your authentic self, valued for who you are, and empowered in your decisions. You’ll emerge with a renewed sense of purpose, equipped with the tools to navigate life with grace and confidence.

Begin your journey and discover how to Create Your Happy today!

Please note that this program is by application only.


3 or 6 months of mentorship with zoom calls + unlimited on-demand messenger support starting from $945/mo


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The Conscious Creator

A transformative mentorship package designed for entrepreneurs and impact leaders who are ready to turn their life experiences into a powerful driving force for success. This program is ideal for those seeing to create a brand rooted in authenticity and personal triumph.

I understand the unique challenges you face – the nagging doubts of imposter syndrome, the analysis paralysis, and the exhaustion of running on the perpetual hamster wheel. My goal is to equip you with the tools and strategies to build an aligned, fulfilling business that doesn’t just succeed but also resonates deeply with your personal journey and values.

With tailored guidance, you’ll learn how to harness your unique story, transforming what once felt like a complete mess into a compelling message that inspires others and creates transformation.

Please note that this program is by application only.


6 months of mentorship with weekly zoom  calls + unlimited on-demand messenger support starting from $945/mo


Review the program details here


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