Love Beyond Perfection: How Self Acceptance Impacts Connection

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The UGLY Truth of Chasing Perfection in Relationship

Hello, Gorgeous Humans! It’s Christy here, your one and only Happiness Hussy, on a mission to spread happiness and love across the world so that you can discover the power you have within to create a life and relationships that you absolutely love! This week on the blog and podcast, we’re talking a pervasive myth in the world of love and relationships. This need for perfection, an idea rooted in societal standards and amplified by social media, suggests that love is conditional upon achieving an impossible ideal. But here’s a groundbreaking truth: The idea that you have to be perfect in order to be loved… is a complete waste of your human experience.


The Illusion of Perfect

We’re often seduced by the mirage of perfection – a perfect body, a perfect career, a perfect partner. But this pursuit leaves us chasing a horizon we’ll never reach, resulting in feelings of inadequacy and unfulfillment. Striving for perfection is exhausting, and honestly, it’s a facade anyway.


Authenticity and Self Acceptance v. Perfection

The real magic in relationships blooms from authenticity. Embracing our true selves – flaws, quirks, and all – allows us to form deeper, more genuine connections. Remember, real love isn’t about finding a perfect person, but rather learning how to accept an imperfect person. This acceptance begins within ourselves. As Brene Brown beautifully puts it, “Our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self acceptance.”


The Role of Self Compassion and Vulnerability

Self compassion is a powerful catalyst for growth. It teaches us that even when you think it’s your fault and you’ve made a mistake, you deserve more love, not more suffering, shame, and punishment. It’s about time we started treating ourselves with the same kindness we would offer to others.


The Trap of Perfectionism

Perfectionism not only drains our spirit but also hampers our ability to be our authentic selves. It’s almost nearly impossible to become the version of you that you wish to be while striving for a version of success that doesn’t actually exist. When we let go of this relentless pursuit, we free ourselves to embrace life’s messy, beautiful adventure.


Your Challenge

I invite you to identify and embrace one of your flaws. View it through a lens of love and self compassion. Share it with someone you trust, if you feel brave. Notice how freeing it feels to express your authentic self!


Moving Forward

If you’re struggling with self acceptance, my mini-course ‘Love Reimagined’ and my ‘Unstuck for Women Daily Self Discovery Journal’ can be your companions on this journey. For tailored guidance, reach out for one-to-one mentorship, and don’t forget to check out my free e-guide ‘The Relationship Cheat Codes’ to start transforming your relationships from the inside out.

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Stay tuned for the next episode all about becoming a ‘Boundary Boss’ – another key to authentic expression and fulfilling relationships.

Remember, you are worthy of love, just as you are – perfectly imperfect. Let’s embrace our true selves and create the joyous, connected lives we deserve. Here’s to doing some epic shit, authentically and unapologetically!


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