Unlocking Love: 20 Green Flags in Healthy Relationships

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Spotting Success in Love: 20 Green Flags for a Happier, Healthier Relationship

In the quest for lasting love, our focus often gravitates towards avoiding red flags—the glaring warnings that signal potential trouble in a relationship. However, in the latest episode of the Create Your Happy podcast, “Spotting Success in Love: 20 Green Flags for a Happier, Healthier Relationship,” we take a different approach by highlighting what we should seek in relationships, not just what to avoid.


Creating Your Happy Relationship

Last week we talked about redefining success when it comes to relationship, so that you can let go of old narratives and create a successful relationship on YOUR TERMS. This week I am sharing some tips on HOW to start doing this with a practical exercise that will help you to truly figure out what that ideal, successful relationship looks AND feels like FOR YOU.


The Shift from Avoidance to Aspiration

Identifying what we truly want in a relationship, as opposed to what we’re looking to avoid, marks a pivotal shift in how we approach love. This positive outlook not only clarifies our desires but also empowers us to actively seek relationships that fulfill us. Understanding our own needs and wants lays the foundation for a relationship that brings joy, growth, and satisfaction.

Drawing from a personal turning point in my life, in this episode I share the story of a pivotal session with my therapist. Tasked with listing what I desired in an ideal relationship, I was confronted with a challenge head-on. It was a struggle not because I didn’t know what I wanted, but because acknowledging these desires meant believing I deserved them. This episode is not just a discussion—it’s a personal confession of my journey from focusing solely on red flags to recognizing and embracing the green flags in a relationship.


Empowerment Through Clarity

Realizing that the only person we can change is ourselves is both liberating and empowering. By clearly defining what we desire in a relationship, we set ourselves on a path to creating that reality. This episode is all about the importance of focusing on green flags—indicators of a healthy, thriving partnership—and how they can guide us towards the love we deserve.


A Glimpse into the Green Flags

A brief tease of a some of the green flags shared in this episode:

    1. Mutual Growth and Support: This green flag highlights the importance of both partners encouraging each other’s personal and professional development. It’s about being each other’s cheerleader, recognizing that individual growth contributes to the strength of the relationship.
    2. Shared Responsibilities: A relationship thrives on equality and teamwork. Sharing responsibilities, from household chores to making major life decisions together, underscores a partnership built on mutual respect and cooperation.
    3. Deep Trust and Intimacy: The foundation of any lasting relationship is trust, paired with the ability to connect on a deep emotional level. This green flag signifies a bond where both partners feel safe to be vulnerable, share their innermost thoughts, and fully embrace intimacy.

But why stop there? The podcast episode explores 17 additional green flags that signify a healthy, fulfilling partnership, providing actionable insights to nourish these positive relationship dynamics and a practical exercise to help you to create relationships that make you truly fucking happy.


Your Invitation to a Love Transformation

Redefine your approach with a fresh perspective on love – tune in to the full podcast episode of “Create Your Happy” to hear all of the juicy details. Whether you’re in a relationship or in the process of finding one, these insights are invaluable for anyone looking to foster a healthy, joyful partnership.

Tune into the full episode here:

S3E12 | Spotting Success in Love: 20 Green Flags for a Happier, Healthier Relationship

This week, I invite you to reflect on these green flags and consider how they might reshape your definition of success in relationship. Tune into “Create Your Happy” for more transformative discussions on love, life, and the pursuit of genuine happiness.


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