Reclaim Your Pleasure: Shedding Sex-pectations & People Pleasing

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Breaking Free of Sex-pectations: Reclaiming Pleasure Beyond People Pleasing

In the latest podcast episode of Create Your Happy, “Breaking Free of Sex – pectations: Reclaiming Pleasure Beyond People Pleasing,” we uncover the profound impact that societal norms and personal expectations can have on our intimate lives. If you’ve ever felt like intimacy is more like an obligation than a joyous union, read on! It is my hope that this discussion will illuminate new pathways to pleasure and connection that honour your true desires.


The High Cost of People Pleasing in the Bedroom

People pleasing can often extend into the most personal areas of our lives, including the bedroom. Unfortunately, many find themselves saying yes when their heart says no, turning what should be an intimate connection into a chore or obligation. This misalignment between true desires and actions taken out of a sense of duty can lead to emotional and relational friction. As explored in the episode, every begrudging yes, when we really mean no, is building a wall between our true selves and the intimacy we seek. Faking it might, at times, seem like the path of least resistance, but it’s actually a disservice to both our authenticity and our pleasure.”


Authentic Pleasure vs. Obligated Intimacy

Redefining pleasure in relationships starts with dismantling the obligations we feel compelled to meet. Intimacy should be a source of joy and mutual satisfaction, not a chore or a checkbox on a list of marital duties. If you find yourself thinking that sex feels like another task on your to-do list, it’s a sign that something’s off and it might be time to reassess how you approach intimacy. By confronting these ingrained behaviours of people pleasing, you can begin to express your needs and desires more openly and honestly, fostering a deeper connection with your partner.


Communicating Desires Effectively

The key to transforming intimate experiences from obligatory to celebratory lies in effective communication. It’s essential to feel safe and confident in expressing desires without fear of judgement or rejection. This openness not only enhances personal satisfaction but also deepens the emotional bonds between partners, creating a more fulfilling and respectful relationship.


Strategies for Reclaiming Intimacy

  1. Identify Your True Desires: Reflect on or explore what you genuinely enjoy and desire in your intimate moments, rather than what you believe is expected of you.
  2. Communicate Openly and Honestly: Use ‘I’ statements to express your needs and desires clearly and respectfully to your partner.
  3. Set Boundaries Compassionately: Establish what you are and are not comfortable with as a way to protect your emotional and physical well-being.
  4. Seek Mutual Pleasure: Aim for experiences that provide joy to both you and your partner, ensuring that intimacy is a shared journey, not a solitary obligation.


Embracing Intimacy as a Celebration

Shifting away from people pleasing behaviours requires courage and self-reflection, but the rewards of authentic intimacy are absolutely worth it. By embracing your true desires and fostering open communication, what once felt like a chore can transform into a celebration of connection and pleasure. Shed the burdens of sex-pectations and rediscover the joy in your intimate life with newfound clarity and freedom.

Tune into the full episode here:


Tune into the full episode of Create Your Happy to explore more about breaking free from sex-pectations and reclaiming the joy in your intimate life. Let’s shed these burdens together and rediscover what it means to connect authentically with ourselves and our partners.


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