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Episode Title: People Pleaser No More!

“Living up to everyone else’s expectations… being the martyr. All of these kinds of things come from [these people-pleasing tendencies], where on the surface appears to be selfless and humble and like the way that the feminine energy is meant to be expressed. They make it sound caring, but the problem is that it’s caring for everyone else, but not for you.” [Listen from 16:05]

Are you feeling exhausted from continuously prioritizing others’ needs above your own, yearning for external validation, and finding yourself stuck in the never-ending cycle of people pleasing? Well, you’re not the only one! Let’s explore the key insights from a thought-provoking conversation on people pleasing and authenticity that I shared with Chloe Lindsey on the Create Your Happy podcast. Join us as we uncover invaluable insights and practical strategies to liberate yourself from the constraints of “good girl” conditioning, embrace your authentic self, and chart a course towards true freedom. Get ready to reclaim your power and authenticity!


The Weight of “Good Girl” Conditioning

“People pleasing can leave us feeling like we’re constantly living up to everyone else’s expectations, putting others first, and neglecting ourselves,” says Christy. The societal conditioning of being the “good girl” can weigh heavy on us, leading to a sense of selflessness that comes at the cost of our own well-being. [Listen from 15:45]

Finding Self-Trust to Embrace Authenticity

“We need a certain amount of self-trust to lean into (authenticity),” Christy emphasizes. Overcoming the fear of not being liked or losing people due to asserting ourselves requires courage and self love.


Caring for Others and Yourself Simultaneously:

True kindness comes from a place of genuine care for others without seeking external validation, and this requires building a loving and caring relationship with yourself. “Caring for yourself is not selfish; it’s essential for being able to genuinely care for others,” Christy reminds us. [Listen from 20:38]


Embracing Discomfort for Growth

“Choose your hard,” says Christy. Embracing discomfort is necessary for personal growth and breaking free from people-pleasing patterns. “You can’t grow and stay comfortable; they don’t go together.” [Listen from 25:33]


Empowerment through Transformation:

“You know it’s like the caterpillar (turning)  into a butterfly… it takes all of that (messy, dark process) for growth to happen…choose the hard that’s gonna help you grow.”

Transformation and growth come with both darkness and light. Chloe beautifully compares the process of becoming a butterfly to our own journey in the quote above. Embracing the difficult aspects of change can lead to empowerment and self-discovery. Choosing the path of growth and authenticity may be challenging, but the rewards are worth it in the end. [Listen from 27:20]


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