How to Break Free from People Pleasing as an Entrepreneur

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Episode Title: People Pleasing & Entrepreneurs (with Jessica Barna)

Are you a dedicated, heart-centered entrepreneur who is feeling worn out from consistently prioritizing others’ needs above your own? Do you often seek external validation and find yourself stuck in the exhausting cycle of people pleasing? If so, you’re not alone.

In our quest for achievement and meaningful connections, the intricate trap of people pleasing can ensnare even the most driven individuals. As your host, Christy, aptly points out, “here’s the thing about this people pleasing thing, it can be really insidious. You might not even recognize it.” This subtle behavior can stealthily creep into both our personal lives and business endeavors, impeding our growth, fulfillment, and overall success. [Listen from 3:23]

Let’s hop right in and explore the key insights from this conversation with Jessica Barna about the impact of people pleasing on entrepreneurs like yourself. We’ll uncover strategies to break free from its grasp and cultivate a path towards authentic and thriving entrepreneurship so that you can find and keep your clients with ease and grace.


People Pleasing and Its Impact on Business

Christy reminds us of the importance of striking a balance between kindness, love, and respecting our own boundaries. She emphasizes, “We can be kind. We can be loving. We can respect our boundaries. And we can communicate that in a way that allows us to continue showing up at our best instead of falling prey to these people pleasing tendencies, being afraid to say no, and otherwise just causing ourselves a whole lot of unnecessary suffering.” Succumbing to people pleasing often leads to burnout and even in best-case scenarios, it can really compromise our effectiveness as entrepreneurs. [Listen from 38:26]


The Importance of Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is a critical aspect of navigating both personal and professional relationships. Christy points out that boundaries are not walls to keep others out but bridges to create deeper connections. She explains, “There’s so much confusion out there about what a boundary truly is, and a lot of people really view them as a wall…to keep people out, and that is not what boundaries are truly meant to be about. I view boundaries as a bridge, as an invitation, as a way to create a deeper connection.” By clearly defining our limits, we foster healthier connections with others while preserving our own well-being. This is a win-win for all involved! [Listen from 37:32]


The Importance of Focusing on One Task at a Time

In today’s fast-paced world, multitasking has become a norm. However, Christy reminds us that multitasking can lead to reduced efficiency. She explains, “every switch that you make, you’re losing some efficiency, right?” Focusing on one task at a time allows us to channel our energy and attention more effectively, leading to heightened productivity and better outcomes. [Listen from 34:44]


The Art of Saying No

Learning to say no assertively and kindly is a crucial skill, especially for entrepreneurs. Jessica highlights, “A key skillset that can be learned, and can be learned pretty quickly, is the art of saying no.” By saying no when necessary, we honor our time and commitments, we avoid overextending ourselves and we maintain our integrity. [Listen from 36:15]


The Power of Practice and Starting Small

Making changes in our lives, such as breaking free from people pleasing, requires practice and patience. Jessica points out, “It takes practice, starting small and getting some practice under your belt is really important.” By starting with small steps, we can gradually build our confidence and comfort in setting boundaries and saying no when needed. As Christy agrees, “The more we practice these things…the easier they become, and the more we stretch our comfort zone.” Each small aligned step leads us closer to living authentically and embracing our true potential.[Listen from 21:07]

Breaking free from the grips of people pleasing is not only empowering but also essential for creating a life of authenticity, productivity, and meaningful connections. By acknowledging its profound impact on our business endeavors, embracing firm boundaries, prioritizing focused attention on one task at a time, mastering the art of confidently saying no, and gradually starting small with practice, we can unlock our full potential and lead a profoundly fulfilling life both personally and professionally. So, let’s liberate ourselves from unnecessary suffering and step boldly into our power both as entrepreneurs and individuals. Embrace the journey towards authenticity and watch your success soar!

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