Effort vs. Struggle in Love: Embracing Ease in Relationships

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The Struggle Is NOT Real: Why Believing 'LOVE IS HARD' Is Ruining Your Relationships

In the realm of love and relationships, there’s a common yet misleading belief that we need to debunk: love and relationships, while requiring effort, shouldn’t be a relentless struggle. This blog post delves into the nuanced difference between healthy effort in nurturing relationships and the draining, constant struggle that can sometimes be mistaken for normality. It’s time to shift our perspective and embrace a more joyous and effortless journey in love.


Effort vs. Struggle in Relationships

It’s time we debunk a myth: that relationships are just plain difficult. “Relationships do require effort, but they shouldn’t be a constant struggle.” This notion that relationships are difficult is a belief deeply ingrained in our culture, but it’s one that needs reevaluation. Understanding the difference is crucial: “There’s a difference between putting in the work to grow together, and struggling and facing nonstop challenges.”


Self Love and Personal Responsibility: Foundations of a Healthy Relationship

At the heart of any fulfilling relationship is a foundation built on “unconditional love and acceptance… and this starts within you.” It’s about cultivating self love and taking ownership of our happiness. Creating your own happiness requires taking radical responsibility, choosing yourself, choosing to seek out happiness.


Shifting Beliefs and Expectations: The Power of Perspective

Our beliefs and expectations have immense power over our experiences. If we expect relationships to be hard, they likely will be: “If you’re looking for and expecting (relationship) difficulties, guess what you’re going to see? Difficulties.” But there’s a way to shift this. It starts with taking radical responsibility which works best paired with self love and grace or compassion.


My Journey: From Struggle to Ease

I’ve walked this path myself, believing that relationships were synonymous with hardship. This belief led me to endure more struggles than necessary. However, my perspective shifted dramatically when I started to focus on giving in my relationship without expectations. This act of unconditional love and acceptance, starting with myself, transformed my experiences from constant challenges to joyous companionship.


Your Challenge: Reflect and Act

Ask yourself, are you holding onto the belief that relationships are inherently difficult? Remember, you have the power to shift this belief. Start by forgiving yourself for any past misconceptions and give yourself permission to believe in the ease of love.

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