Release Grudges: 3 Powerful Techniques to Find Freedom & Peace

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Let that Shit Go: Three Powerful Techniques to Release Grudges

Welcome back, beautiful humans! Today, we’re exploring an essential yet often challenging topic — letting go of grudges. In this action-packed conversation we are covering 3 powerful techniques that you can implement today in order to find peace and freedom now! It’s time to LET THAT SHIT GO!


Understanding the Impact of Grudges

Grudges bind us to unwanted past events, trapping us in a cycle of anger and resentment. This fixation not only perpetuates our suffering but can also make it feel even more intense than the initial hurt. It’s a heavy load that, thankfully, we can choose to put down.


Simple Steps to Release Grudges

Letting go involves a decision and taking aligned action to release ourselves. In the full episode I covered 3 actionable, straightforward steps to help you let go of grudges and find freedom:

  1. Shake It Off (Thanks, T-Swizzle): Physically shake off the tension. Stand up, take a deep breath, and vigorously shake your body. This physical action can help lighten your emotional load significantly, creating space for clarity and peace.
  2. Practice Ho’oponopono: This incredible ancient Hawaiian method of reconciliation and forgiveness involves repeating four powerful phrases:
    • I love you.
    • I’m sorry.
    • Please forgive me.
    • Thank you.
  3. Focus on the Now: The past is over, and the future is merely a story yet to unfold. Staying present allows you to detach from the narrative of past hurts and future anxieties, enabling you to fully engage with the present moment.


Living in the Present Moment

An essential realization worth sharing is that “we can actually only experience things in the here and now; everything else is basically just our imagination.” By focusing on the present, we detach from past grievances and the anxiety of what the future holds, allowing ourselves to make the most of the now.


Discover Peace and Freedom Today

If you’re ready to start letting go of old resentments and embracing the present, I encourage you to try these techniques. They’re simple, yes, but profoundly effective. And they all start with a decision—the decision to let that shit go.

Join me on this journey to freedom. It’s about more than just forgetting the past, it’s about giving yourself the space to enjoy life unburdened by it. Remember, each moment spent holding onto a grudge is a moment of peace denied. Let’s choose peace instead and let that shit go once and for all!

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