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Doing it All Yourself? You’re Doing Independence WRONG!

Hey, beautiful humans! Welcome back to the Create Your Happy blog! Today, I’m diving into a topic that’s been on my mind and, I’m sure, on yours too — if you’re an independent woman: hyper independence. We’re going to explore its roots, its impact on your relationships, and why it’s not quite the high virtue you’ve been led to believe. So, buckle up, and let’s get into it!


The Trap of Hyper independence

Do you find yourself taking on everything because you believe if you leave it to someone else, they’ll probably mess it up? Or maybe you just feel like you can’t count on anyone to do what they say they’re going to do. Trust me, I get it. You’re an independent woman! But here’s the kicker: this hyperindependence isn’t doing you any favours. In fact, it might be creating a barrier to the intimacy and connection you crave.

“Hyperindependence can create a barrier to intimacy, leaving both parties feeling isolated.”

When we insist on doing everything ourselves, we can make our partners or potential partners feel unnecessary and unvalued. This level of independence might seem impressive at first — hello, superwoman! — but it often leads to strained relationships where both parties end up feeling isolated.


Where Does This Come From?

If you’re nodding along, thinking, “This is so me,” don’t worry, it’s not your fault. This pattern is often the result of conditioning and trauma responses. Here’s a fun fact for you: In the USA, it wasn’t until 1974 that a woman could open her own bank account without a male co-signer. In Canada, we were just a bit ahead in 1964. This financial independence empowered many women to lead single lives or leave unsupportive relationships, but it also swung the pendulum towards hyperindependence.


The Impact on Relationships

With many women no longer dependent on men for financial security, men are now expected to step up as providers of care, not just resources. This shift is part of our evolution as humans, but it’s also added pressure, especially on women who were told they could have it all — careers, families, and personal fulfillment. This superwoman expectation often leads to burnout, frustration, and resentment.

“True strength lies in your willingness to be vulnerable.”

Vulnerability is the key to breaking down these walls of hyperindependence. It’s about allowing yourself to be seen, to ask for help, and to share the load.


Embracing Interdependence

So, what’s the solution? It’s all about shifting from being hyper independent to interdependence. Imagine the relief of not having to do everything alone. By embracing vulnerability and asking for help, we can build stronger, more intimate relationships.

“In giving, not only do we help others, but we receive the enriching experiences that we most long for.”

When we give others the chance to support us, we’re not just helping ourselves — we’re creating opportunities for deeper connections and enriching our lives.


Ready to Make the Shift?

Letting go of hyperindependence isn’t just about lightening your load — it’s about enhancing your life and relationships. So, let’s shake off the superwoman cape and embrace a new way of being that includes support, connection, and a lot more joy.

And remember, I’m here for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions. It would seriously make my day to create more content that answers your questions or solves some of the challenges you’re currently facing. Consider commenting below or reaching out and letting me know how I can serve you in creating the life and love of your dreams!

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