Get the clarity and confidence you need to create the life of your dreams!

Discover how a stay-at-home mom was able to boost her energy, find some new passions AND lose the extra weight without giving up wine and chocolate or spending hours in the gym.



Design your program for lasting results


A balanced, mindful approach to nutrition


Intentional, quality movement that can be done anywhere, any time


Create an action plan > Maintain commitment > Meet your goals

What You’ll Get

Everything you need to Master Your Mindset:


Video trainings, worksheets, action steps and bonuses delivered via the membership website


On demand trainings and materials that you can work through at your own pace, ensuring plenty of time to practise your new mindsets and habits


One on one coaching session at the completion of the program to really help you put everything you’ve learned into practise


Unlimited access to the materials via your membership portal

Eliminating entire food groups and obsessively tracking calories DON’T GET YOU LASTING RESULTS. You DON’T NEED TO be hungry and miserable to lose weight – you CAN find balance so you can lose weight FOR GOOD without the restrictive diets
Spending hours in the gym is $$ costly and takes far too much time. Save both time AND money by instead learning basic strength movements that you can do anytime, anywhere (for FREE!)
Changing your life starts from the inside out and you will get the results you desire by Mastering Your Mindset.

Ready to Master Your Mindset?

In this program you will:


Attain clarity and direction so that you can be sure that you are operating in alignment with your soul purpose


Start creating an abundance mindset so that you can stop roadblocking yourself


Find out how you can build your self confidence so that you can think, feel and act like someone who is a success (before you achieve it)


Incorporate strategies for how to manage your overwhelm so that you can finally start taking action


Learn mindfulness strategies to improve relationship and deepen connection with self and others


Embrace your unique self and use your creativity to develop the funnest goals. Ever.


Learn a balanced, mindful approach to diet and exercise so that you can feel sexy and confident in your body


Discover the secrets to creating an action plan THAT WORKS so that you will consistently achieve your goals and maintain your results


Master the skills needed to overcome your setbacks like a boss so that you won’t get derailed again


Uncover new tricks so that you can stay the course, even when your motivation and willpower are MIA

Meet Christy!

Hey there! I’m Christy Holt, creator of Master Your Mindset.

I know the guilt and shame of carrying extra weight and how hard it can be to get rid of it for good. I am also intimately familiar with the indecision caused by overwhelm and the struggle to stay on track when motivation eludes you.

If you’re like the many women I’ve helped, then this isn’t the first attempt you’ve made to get healthier. In fact, if you’re like me, you’ve probably been on the diet rollercoaster for most of your adult life. Up and down and around you go. The result: increasing shame, next to no self-worth, and constant overwhelm despite getting nowhere with your goals. It’s no fun, it doesn’t FEEL good, and it DOESN’T get results.

It’s time to try something different. You can lose the weight and keep it off, without the restrictive diets and excessive exercise. And… you can even learn to love yourself in the process.

It’s time to start feeling great, uplevel YOUR energy, confidence and identity so that you can finally step into the life that you have so far only dreamt of having. It’s time to Master Your Mindset!

Master Your Mindset

From: $69.00 / month for 3 months

Discover how a stay-at-home mom was able to lose the extra weight without giving up wine and chocolate or hours in the gym.

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